Standing beside a shallow grave, Annie Johnson vows revenge on the stepfather who murdered her mother. Those plans are spoiled with the appearance of rugged cowboy Brady Malone, who is determined to haul Annie back to her grandfather’s ranch, where the dying old man wants to reunite with his granddaughter. But Annie hates her cruel grandfather almost as much as she hates her stepfather. Brady holds the evidence of the swindles Annie used to finance her search for her mother’s killer. He won’t hesitate to see her jailed if she doesn’t accompany him to Wyoming. But he doesn’t count on the discovery of her nemesis and her desire for retribution. And neither Brady nor Annie counts on their attraction to each other. Will Annie choose revenge or love? Either choice means a sacrifice— one that is bound to cost her dearly.

The old West has never been wilder or hotter than it is in Jean Barrett’s CAPTURED BY A COWBOY.


Brady understood her motive now. She was taunting him, and he didn’t like it. Not one bit. He shouldn’t have lost his self-control, not when this was probably what she wanted to see him do. But he couldn’t help himself.

Coming to a halt, he snagged her by the arm and swung her around to face him. “Listen, you little witch—“

“What? You’re no man’s faithful dog? Obedient to his every command?”

That was it. She’d gone too far. Dropping his bag, he gripped her by both elbows and hauled her up against him, his eyes burning into hers.

“No one owns me, man or woman,” he growled. Her eyes widened as she stared up at him. With alarm, he wondered?

There was a long moment of silence between them. Brady was conscious of having drawn her so tightly against him he could feel her breasts pressed to his chest. And the way those breasts swelled inside her bodice as she took a deep breath, making it difficult for him not to groan. He was aware, too, of her mouth, with that small, intriguing mole above its corner, just mere inches under his. And of how it parted to permit the tip of her tongue to nervously wet her lips.

It was a temptation he had to resist, and was afraid he might not have the will to manage. Not when he longed to know what that lush mouth tasted like, how it would feel to have her tongue stroke his own tongue as he inhaled the flavor of her in a deep, hot kiss.

Provocative. The situation was far too provocative. If he fastened his mouth on hers, it would be crossing a line that could produce all kinds of complications. He didn’t need any more problems. He had enough trouble just getting her to Wyoming.

Damning his lust and, fair or not, damning Annie Johnson for awakening his carnal appetite with that sweet body of hers, he released her with a massive effort and stepped safely back from any further contact.